Version 16.00 Now Available

Version 16.00 Released!

Version 16.00 introduces Cloud Based Licensing (CBL). This new licensing mechanism replaces USB hardware keys and allows us to support virtual machines, terminal servers and other shared computing environments. Clients will have the option to make a seamless transition to CBL during their next renewal. For more information on CBL please see our FAQ at
Version 16.00 is shipping now: use Help/Download Upgrade to upgrade today.

Several of the more significant changes are highlighted below.

  • PLS-CADD: New Pole Overview report with a modern attractive look

  • PLS-CADD: Import XYZ point data from the internet for most of the world via Terrain/Edit/Merge Points from External File/Merge Points from Internet…

  • PLS-CADD: Added an IEEE P1283/D8 Elevated Temperature Creep (ETC) calculator

  • PLS-CADD: Sections/Electric/Full Line Constants Calculator… now reports zero sequence mutual impedance

  • PLS-POLE: Added ASCE 141-2019 wood pole design check option

  • PLS-POLE: The integrated CAISSON foundation analysis and design has improved thanks to your suggestions

  • TOWER: Numerous Family Manager improvements

  • And many other enhancements described in the program change log

You can use Help/Download Upgrade to upgrade to version 16.00 today if your licenses are within your support and upgrade period. If they are expired, please contact and we will send you a quote to renew.

PLS-Distribution Released!


PLS-Distribution is a streamlined version of PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE designed specifically for the distribution side of the grid. Now distribution organizations can benefit from line design software with the same engineering accuracy that PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE are known for, but in a program tailored specifically to the features and commands typically used on distribution projects. PLS-Distribution uses predefined standards for weather conditions, engineering design criteria, structure framings, and other standards. This allows distribution designers to quickly and easily build structures and line models using the utility's standards without any upfront data entry.

The program is available in two versions: PLS-Distribution which is based on traditional ruling span sag and tension concepts or PLS-Distribution+ which adds the power of our SAPS Finite Element engine for calculating wire sags and tensions.

2019 Advanced Training and User Group Meeting


As has become a tradition, this meeting set a record with 530 attendees from 34 countries. Our thanks to everyone who took time from their schedules to travel to Madison and contribute to the meeting.

Many presentations and handouts from the meeting are available at the ATUG website.

In addition to unveiling Cloud Based Licensing we also showed off our new web site at Our original web site that many of you are familiar with, will continue to serve the PLS Online Library and provide technical support content. Please bear with us as we continue migrating from the old to the new site.

Several requests from the 2019 ATUG round table session have already been incorporated in version 16. For example, "super zoom" is now avoided and the project wizard has a read-only option.

Classes and Events

We have scheduled the following classes:

Other authorized classes organized by PLS agents and consultants:

New classes are added throughout the year based on demand. You may subscribe to a mailing list to be notified whenever a new class is scheduled.

Web Site Additions and Updates

Current Versions

The current shipping versions of our software are listed below. These versions support Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). Version 16.00 is the last version that will run on Windows Vista and/or 32-bit Windows.

PLS-CADD 16.00

PLS-POLE 16.00

TOWER 16.00

SAPS 16.00


We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the current release of all the applications you own. To do so please use the Help/Download Upgrade command built into your PLS software. This would also be a good time to use the Help/Check for Updated Manual command to obtain the version 16.00 edition of the manuals. If your licenses have expired, then please email for a renewal quotation.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments on our software. Please send them to

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