About the Company

Power Line Systems was founded in 1984 to provide consulting services and develop engineering software for the structural and geometric design of electric power lines. Power Line Systems has become the world-wide leader in software for transmission lines. We supply software to over 1600 organizations in more than 125 countries.

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Our customers include the full spectrum from the smallest consulting organizations, fabricators and municipal utilities to over half of the hundred largest generating utilities in the U.S. and large international leaders like BC Hydro, Hydro Quebec, National Grid, Cemig, Power Link Queensland, Eskom, Comision Federal de Electricidad and Electricité de France. Power Line Systems started in the structural analysis arena. Dr. Alain Peyrot, our founder, spent years perfecting finite element routines for modeling cable elements and nonlinear structures. These specialized algorithms were ideally suited to systems of cables such as transmission lines and guyed communication masts. When PLS combined these algorithims with innovative user interfaces specifically designed for modeling transmission line structures the result was superb transmission line software. The power and simplicity of these programs quickly earned PLS a reputation as a leader in tools for the analysis of transmission lines. This philosophy continues today with these same routines providing the foundation of our current generation of structure programs.