J-Power Systems

Gap type conductor files supplied by J-Power Systems.

Revised 05/17/2005: Contact J-Power Systems for details.

Note: Gap conductors require PLS-CADD version 7.30 or newer.
Note: In Sections/Modify be sure to sag Gap conductor using the initial temperature and tension at which it will be strung (unlike other conductors it is very important that the sagging data here be the same as the conditions under which it is strung as this affects the knee point temperature at which the core carries all the load).
Note: The manufacturer recommends you not allow aluminum in compression in Criteria/Bimetallic Cable Model in PLS-CADD with these conductors.

All of the cable models that Power Line Systems has are posted on this site. If you do not find the cable you are looking for then you can contact the manufacturer and ask them for a cable file or create your own as described in section 9.2 of the PLS-CADD manual.

Once you find the conductor you want simply click on it to copy it to your computer.

Name Last Modified Size Description
gap240sqmm(474kcmil)_hawk.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 479
gap265sqmm(523kcmil)_hen.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 483
gap310sqmm(612kcmil)_goose.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 491
gap370sqmm(730kcmil)_redwing.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 482
gap410sqmm(809kcmil)_condor.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 495
gap413sqmm(815kcmil)_drake.wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 496
gap520sqmm(1026kcmil).wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 507
gap620sqmm(1224kcmil).wir 16-Sep-14 14:20 487

 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These files are being provided on an "as-is" basis. Power Line Systems, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data herein, and the PLS-CADD end user is responsible for the use and verification of all data obtained in this library.