Generic nonlinear Conductors

These cable files were developed using published data from publicly available sources from the 1970’s.

All of the cable models that Power Line Systems has are posted on this site. If you do not find the cable you are looking for then you can contact your wire manufacturer and ask them for a cable file or properties to create your own as described in section 9.2 of the PLS-CADD manual.

Once you find the conductor you want simply click on it to copy it to your computer.

Conductor Category Last Modified Description
AAAC 16-Mar-14 14:20 All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
AAC 16-Mar-14 14:20 All Aluminum Conductor
ACAR 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced
ACSR 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACSR_AW 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced (Alumoweld)
ACSR_SDC 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Self Damping
ACSR_TW 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Trapezoidal Wire
Alumoweld 16-Mar-14 14:20 Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire
Copper 16-Mar-14 14:20 Stranded Copper Wire
Covered Line Wire 16-Mar-14 14:20 Insulated ACSR Conductors
Multiplex 16-Mar-14 14:20 Bundled Low Voltage Overhead Cable Neutral/Messenger Supported
Steel 16-Mar-14 14:20 Overhead Ground Wire and Guy Wire

 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These files are being provided on an "as-is" basis. Power Line Systems, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data herein, and the PLS-CADD end user is responsible for the use and verification of all data obtained in this library.